A faster, safer, better way to send money

Tired of taking cash to the money transfer shop? Sending money abroad shouldn't be so difficult. Send FAST international transfers by app with the best rates and no hidden fees.

fortú card

Know your rate instantly

Get real-time quotes with no hidden fees. You’ll know the exact fees, exchange rate, and amount going to your recipient.

Secure international transfers at great exchange rates

We partnered with Wise® so your money is sent quickly, securely, and at great FX rates. Fortú + Wise® is a safe and convenient way to send money abroad.

How to send money abroad with fortú

Get started in minutes.

1. Download the app

Get the app on your mobile device and sign up.

2. Add money

Make a bank transfer to your fortu account or add cash at a partner retail location.

3. Send money abroad

Choose one of the currencies and easily transfer money to your family and friends.

Frequestly asked questions

How much will I be charged?

We give you the live exchange rate at the lowest fees possible.

How long does it take for the money to arrive?

Depends on the destination country. Some countries receive the money within minutes.

How does the recipient receive the money?

We deposit the money directly in their bank account. You’ll need their bank details to send the transfer.