About us

Latinos are 2-3X more likely to be unbanked or underbanked vs. Non-Latinos and remain among the most underserved communities by traditional financial institutions in the U.S. This banking disparity is both unhealthy and unacceptable. Having a safe, reliable, and convenient way to save, spend, and manage money is foundational to the “American Dream.” At fortú our goal is to eliminate Latino banking disparity by building world class, culturally contextual, digital banking for Latinos.

We believe that Latinos are a culturally distinct community based on unique and shared traits like language, countries of family origin, household patterns, religion, etc. A failure to effectively recognize this cultural context is a major obstacle preventing most banks from better serving Latinos.

We are a group of first and second-generation immigrant Americans with family origins and ties across the Latino and Hispanic world (U.S., Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Spain, etc.) We ourselves, our friends, and our families have all experienced the challenges and frustration of dealing with banks that don’t truly understand us. Thanks to modern technologies this is now a solvable problem. Which is why it’s our mission to develop better banking built for tú.

“fortú gets it. They get me.”

- Maya S.

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